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Поставщик поддерживает торговую гарантию — бесплатный сервис, который защищает ваши заказы от оплаты до доставки.
Предельный уровень торговой гарантии поставщика:US $32,000
Золотой поставщик
Золотой поставщик — это премиальное членство для поставщиков на Участникам предоставляют обширный комплекс способов продвижения товаров, максимизации воздействия товаров и увеличения рентабельности инвестиций.
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 Comparison of acupuncture with our product


Acupuncture is a traditional and effective method of meridian therapy. It is a procedure in which thin needles are inserted into the skin at acupuncture points of body, gently twisted to stimulate the meridian for therapeutic purposes.


It is risky, since most of the acupuncture points are located above organs, blood vessels and nerves, it is possible to pierce through and damage these vital parts. 

Our device can emit a special energy needle, which can stimulate acupuncture point without piercing the skin physically, and achieve the same result by operating on the skin surface.


It is safe and without side effects.

  Acupuncture is a complex clinical technique, most often requires professional acupuncturists to find the accurate acupuncture points, insert and manipulate the needles based on their experiences. The energy needle offers a large treatment area, so there is no need to find the accurate location of the acupuncture points. Also, the energy needle is finer, stronger and more penetrating, which results in a better stimulation on the acupuncture points. This allows patients treat themselves at home easily.  
Luckey Technology Limited was registered in Hongkong 2010. It is a company that develops, manufactures, and markets household medical equipment. It mainly focuses on the research of meridian therapy and its application with modern technology, which makes the complex meridian therapy and acupuncture technique more simple, effective and accessible. Our goal is to better share and spread meridian therapy to more people worldwide.   
 We have our own research

and development team.

We have

independent intellectual property.

We have excellent after-sales service

and medical experts who can answer

all your questions during treatment.

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